When people die, they often leave their estates in minor or grave disarray. The result is that those left behind must seek court approval of how the resulting assets and debts should be handled. This can cause friction and unnecessary anguish when mishandled. We help people in this vulnerable time to simplify and organize the matters that must be addressed. These situations often are sensitive and require great tact. We take great care to respect the feelings and positions of all involved.

It is imperative during any transition in life to consider the effects on those you ultimately will leave behind. Divorce, Business Dissolution, and breakups inevitably affect loved ones. Countless dollars and hours spent on court can be avoided with proper advance estate planning. We counsel all our clients to how their decisions will impact their estate plans. Included within this evaluation is a review of

  • Wills
  •  Powers of attorney
  •  Business succession documents
  • Life insurance
  • Trusts
  • The Passing of Assets to Future Heirs